• Bus35

  • Student Transportation of America Education FoundationStudent Transport of America (“STA”) was generous enough to donate the bus and most of the upfit work. It came about when we were planning our Pro-Am Jam and Mark Bryan met STA’s CEO at a planning meeting for the 2011 Carolina Studios Pro-Am Jam. We are ever grateful!

  • The Mobile Studio can realistically serve an average of 40 children per week, with repeat trips to local schools allowing children to continue to develop their skills over time. We track the students’ grades coming into the program, and then monitor these results at the end of each semester. Carolina Studios also monitors each student’s progress within the program using a reward system.

  • The Mobile Studio is free to all children. Carolina Studios charges a fee for the mobile studio to visit certain types of events and locations. Please inquire here if you want more information about the Mobile Studio visiting your event.

  • Carolina Studios can now reach a much larger number of at-risk children, dramatically increasing its impact on the community. Carolina Studios is constantly scheduling visits to middle and high schools in the Charleston area. While the focus is on schools that have larger populations of at-risk children, no school is ignored if we determine that it is a good fit. The Mobile Studio also makes appearances at special events throughout the year, and has been known to hit the road and visit other areas, such as Columbia, SC for its Earth Day celebration.

  • Historically, Carolina Studios has operated program locations that were in fixed places. While some of these have been very successful, the fixed locations limit the learning opportunities to children who live in and around those locations. The Mobile Studio allows students from across the Charleston area to benefit from the program, thanks to Carolina Studios’ relationship with the Communities In Schools program.

  • The Mobile Studio ignites students’ creativity in a safe environment, and reaches many children who would otherwise not have access to this technology, and gives them the opportunity to write and record their own original music. The program fosters the students’ desire for music, which, in turn, teaches them important computer skills, life skills, teamwork skills, and further facilitates their development. The Mobile Studio spends time at schools that don’t typically have music programs, connecting at-risk youth with music and allowing them to develop a skillset they are not exposed to in their daily environment.

  • This converted, full-size school bus is outfitted with Apple iMac computers that allow students to record their own original compositions using Apple’s “Logic” digital audio workstation software. The Mobile Studio offers multi-track recording capability, a sound booth for vocal recording, an external PA system, a stage for events, and much more! The bus visits schools and other organizations on a daily basis during the week, and also appears at local and regional events. Please check out our calendar to see when and where you can catch the Carolina Studios Mobile Studio.